miércoles, 27 de enero de 2016

:: { Sevyn7 East } :: GIFT's

Bodysuit is GIFT for  :: Newify your body HINT PAGE ::

Red Dress is GROUP GIFT ((free to join)) 

:: { Alice Proyect } :: Free GIFT

hair is FREE GIFT from
4 today 

:: { Diva's Inc. } :: L$

  Has today 2 new heel's for 1 L$ each


Just whon't to say all of you..that you SORRY ME for my  BAD Pic. EDTION...
i REALY NOT HAVE, TIME & MONEY and NOT whon't spend my SL TIME ..Editing Shots...
I'M here to  do it what i LIKE 
..Seaching and Share FREE stuff's with all of YOU!!

:: { [P]retty [H]ot [A]nd [T] } :: Much GG

All This chloting, earring's, sunglass'es are FREE GROUP GIFT for 
((Appliers inc.))

lunes, 25 de enero de 2016

:: { AlterEgo } :: Invitation

 You MUST be in the Toxxic Design Studios VIP Group in order to enter the sim on Feb 12th. The Toxxic Region will be closed to the public / open to VIPs for the duration of the event. Group membership is currently FREE to join, from now all the up until Feb. 11th 11:59pm. There after the fee will be raised to 1,500L granting access to our soiree. We do not do this to punish those wanting to join us, we do this to maintain what the event stands for, to celebrate members of the group.
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:: { N-Core } :: New GG

GG ( fee to join)

...: Toxic Bish New's ::..

Harness top with Hud, and Sport mini skirt are new's from  ..:: Toxic Bish Masion ::..